Creadesign is an internationally awarded design agency with experience of hundreds of projects.

Creadesign is a Helsinki-based industrial design agency having strong client-centred focus, ecological values and solid design thinking since 1981. The designs are user-centred, holistic, eco-friendly and economical for the producers.

Creadesign’s clients include small & medium sized companies, service producers, public organisations as well as manufacturers of large-scale investment commodities and consumer goods.

Creadesign services cover product and service design, design management consulting and IPR right sales.

Creadesign Way of Doing

Creadesign top-quality projects always begin from the user’s needs and emphasize intelligent manufacturing, cost considerations throughout the product life cycle, product and service longevity and sustainable development.

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Creadesign Helsinki
Telakkakatu 6-8, 
00150Helsinki FINLAND
Visiting address: 28A/29A
+358 4471 77744

Fax: +358 9 605 832

Creadesign Ltd China Office
3rd floor North Productivity Bld. Songshan Lake, Dongguan City, 523808, Guangdong, China

+86 180 3831 3464

Hannu Kähönen
Founder, President of Creadesign
+358 400 411 865