Product Design

City of Helsinki

Urban Design

Creadesign urban experience design references include design of City of Helsinki litterbins, which needed a unified look and feel for the garbage collection as well as a multifunctional solution suitable for urban surroundings. In 2011, the new litterbins replace the models developed in the early ’90s, which are no longer sufficient to handle current rubbish volumes. The new litterbins and deep storage containers continue the same successful strategic design approach as their predecessors. New additions to the product family, the deep storage containers are in increasingly common use in the city. Strict standards in terms of durability, use, and maintenance shaped the design, as did requirements regarding appearance. Due their highly functional and clear design fitting perfectly in the urban landscape, the litterbins are a huge success and used nationwide.

Vision of Helsinki metro train, Siemens

Creating transportation visions

Creadesign developed Siemens Corporation, Cities & Infrastructure, a vision of metro train suitable in Helsinki urban environment. Starting point for interior and exterior design was need for space for large amount of people that metro moves within city. Vehicle design is uniform, clear and considered from Design For All perspective, easy to access by all passengers. Pleasant ergonomics, safety features and effortless usage guarantee passenger a convenient journey. Operator’s demands such as low operation costs, cleaning and modular construction are significant starting points for design as well.

HotPot Duo

Kermansavi, Cookware Design

Creadesign developed cookware with Kermansavi by rethinking the relationship between the pot and the lid. Hotpot Duo captures this fresh and holistic perspective. Its user-centred design is timelessly simple, multifunctional, and the pot and the lid can also be used on their own as an oven plate, serving plate or pot stand. Duo comes in four colours that can be mixed and matched in fun ways. A Finnish lifestyle magazine awarded Hotpot Duo cookware BEST! cookware design award. The jury praised the designers’ magnificent insight: ”Hotpot Duo is beautiful, easy to use, multifunctional and designed so that you will not burn your arms. Since used materials are light and colours bright and fun, you get the feeling the food is fresh and delicious simply by looking at it!” (Kodin Kuvalehti 3/2011)

Maaselän Kone

Firewood processor design

Aim of the design was to create simplier and more user friendly machines. Main improvements were achieved by optimizing the whole casing design with special focus on the protection cage. New improved design created more pleasant user experience, ergonimics, usability and productivity. Manufacturer benefitted from improved design aesthetics and simplier construction, which required less work and materials in manufacturing.

Designing the Low Floor Tram for the City of Helsinki

Multifunctional Urban Design

Creadesign designed the Low Floor Tram for Helsinki City. The combination of functional and maintenance requirements, safety norms as well as the complex technology of the trams and manufacturing limitations set strict limits on creativity. The first step was solving Design-for-All issues, and the main principles of design were considered with 40 years perspective of projected use. The essence of the Helsinki design identity is crystallised in the simplicity and openness of the tram, as well as in generous amounts of light. The project is one of Creadesign’s most comprehensive research and design projects. Creadesign was in charge of designing the tram user-friendly from the technical solution to a functional urban travelling device. Today the low floor tram provides a tremendously pleasing experience for the city travellers and continues beautifully the city landscape. The travelers are able to enter just by taking a step from the street.

Benefon Oyj

Developing new technology, Mobile phones

During the 1990s, Benefon was as much an R&D lab for mobile phones as a manufacturer. The ESC was the world’s first mobile phone equipped with a GPS tracker. The cooperation with Benefon also resulted in the world’s smallest mobile phone and a record for fastest development of a phone. The long-term collaboration included many design thinking applications from the design of user interfaces, accessories and cell phones intended for consumer and specialised use.

Exel Oyj

Innovative Product Development

Creadesign carried out a product development project for Exel Ltd, a company selling cross-country skiing equipment. User-centred research together with University of Jyväskylä, the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, resulted interesting data, which Creadesign used to develop and design a totally new kind of ski pole series for Exel. As a result, the new developed product led to worldwide success and a production platform was developed on its basis. Today the ski pole is used worldwide.

Lahden Autokori Oy

Transportation Design

Lahden Autokori, a company which develops and sells bus carriages, needed to develop their products in order to respond to the increasing international competition. Creadesign carried out first a research of various needs related to public transportation and urban design, and scrutinized the production limitations and maintenance requirements. After a careful analysis, Creadesign developed in co-operation with Lahden Autokori a low floor bus Scala, which is highly functional especially in urban use. Due it’s high usability, efficient production and easy maintenance, Scala bus is today a magnificent success.

Tulikivi Oyj

Optimizing production

Creadesign carried out a broad development project with Tulikivi Corporation, first to develop a vision and then to totally renew the soapstone fireplaces concept and production. Strategic design management helped Tulikivi to serve various markets more easily and in the way they needed. Technical starting points of the project included materials optimization, functionality and operating technique, however the main focus was in the users’ experience. After a careful analysis, Creadesign and Tulikivi developed a modular solution for Tulikivi Corporation. Modular concept of the fireplace collection added flexibility for the users and it’s a pleasing option for the decorators. The collection received the Fennia Prize award in 2007. Design stoves suit perfectly modern interiors, since simple soapstone shapes are timeless, clear and always contemporary. In addition, the minimalist design brings out the best in the naturally rough soapstone surface. Sold worldwide.