Service Design

Lahti City Centre

Developing human scale solutions

Creadesign develops together with Ramboll consulting engineers, architects and management consultants sustainable urban solutions for Lahti City centre. Creadesign brings to city development strong user-centred emphasis and extensive design expertise. The aims include to develop Lahti City towards more liveable, attractive for walking, cycling, meeting and spending time in public spaces. In addition, the unique characteristics of Lahti City will be highlighted in order to strengthen the City’s brand and attractiveness.

University Pharmacy

Developing Customer Experience

Creadesign developed the service experience of University Pharmacy both from the customer’s and the employee’s standpoints. Creadesign analyzed the opportunities to improve the service experience. With various aims in mind, such as optimal space use and stress-free working conditions for employees, Creadesign designed a totally new kind of service experience for pharmacies’ visitors and providers, optimized space use and designed functional furniture for the service providers. Today many of the pharmacies use this magnificent service concept.

Ministry of Transport and Communication

Future Transportation Service Design

Creadesign carried out a research of future long distance bus needs for the Ministry of Transport and Communication. Creadesign analyzed the current needs of different user groups, forecasted future transportation needs and design, accessibility requirements of the traveling services, driver’s working conditions and the functionality of a long distance bus. The study Creadesign conducted was part of Ministry of Transport and Communication’s project to improve accessibility of traveling services. Creadesign research encouraged discussion between the transportation planners, designers and public authorities.

Travel Centres

Urban Service Design

Creadesign developed and designed visual identity for the nationwide travel centre network in Finland. On the basis of a thorough user-focused research and in-depth analysis, Creadesign developed guidelines for construction builders so that the new travel centres would be safe, easy to use and accessible to everyone. The result was a travel centre network with distict nature, easy to find services and user-friendly guidance for travelers. Creadesign developed graphic and information design guidelines in order to maintain the visual coherence and sustainable production of services for everyone.